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Important Notice: This site requires the practice of specific methods of operation. The authenticity, integrity, position and etc. of all articles on the site can assume any legal liability when necessary. All contents of the article represents personal opinions of its users and is in no reflection towards the site’s brand image and believes. Users are advised to determine the authenticity of the content at their own risk as the articles posted on ohgosip.com are subjected to “immediate publication” mode whereby articles are being published instantly without a proper screening. If an error message pops out, please contact us immediately for further assistance. ohgosip.com strictly prohibits any abusive language, defamatory, violent or pornographic remarks rendering personal attacks or in general meaning. This site reserves all the legal rights as per stated:

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2. Third party websites linked with the Service or any other third party services may provide links to other sites Internet resources link to the users of the Service. The users might have links to other websites on the Internet but it does not represent the relationship between the Service and these third party sites. Other websites are operated by each of the site’s own accord and shall not be the responsibility of the Service. Any search results or external links displayed on the Service, including their suitability, dependability, timeliness, validity, accuracy and completeness are not subjected to the Service’s responsibility. Users may come across externals links on the Service during usage and if the user dislikes or find offence in any of the external links, users encountering this situation is advised to not click, browse and to leave such sites as soon as possible. Users of this terms of services agrees to not link any damage obtained from browsing the external links to the Service and to not count for liability from these damages.

3. Registrations Obligations - In order to use the Service, the user has agreed to the following matters: (a) to provide information that is accurate, current and complete as prompted by the Service, (b) to maintain and update the personal information whenever necessary to ensure its accuracy and timeliness. If the user is found guilty of providing any untrue, inaccurate or incomplete information, ohgosip.com has the right to suspend or terminate the user’s account and to refuse usage to all or part of the Service.

4. Privacy Policy is applied to the user’s registration and other specific information under the Service. It is understood that the user agrees to let the Service collect and use personal information, including the use of transmission, storage and purposed for the Service in its internal relations between multinational enterprises based on Privacy Policy.

5. After completing the Service’s registration process, the user will receive an account and its password. Please note that the user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account and password. The user agrees to the following matters: (a) in case of stolen password and account, or if any other security problems occurs, the user will immediately notify the Service, and (b) each connection will be verified and process according to standard operating procedures.

6. Protection of Children and Adolescents – it is an inevitable trend that the children and adolescents uses the Internet at their own expense to not only acquire knowledge, but also to cultivate maturity and competitiveness. However, the Internet can be unsuitable for children and adolescents when messages containing pornography and violence are being exposed to them. Children and adolescents being exposed negatively like this can result in harm to their mentality and physicality. Therefore, to ensure the safety of children and adolescents using the Internet and to avoid privacy violations, parents (or guardians) must be acknowledged to the following obligations: (a) firstly, review the terms of protection for personal data privacy policy for each of the site, then decide if they should agree to provide related personal information; and should agree to exhort children and adolescents to not disclose any information on their own or family members (including name, address, telephone, e-mail, photos, credit card number, etc.) to anyone. Individual users are not allowed to accept the invitations or gifts and meet with each other through the Service. (b) Careful selections of suitable sites must be made by the parents (or guardians) for children and adolescents to browse. Children under 12 years of age should be accompanied by an older person while adolescents under the age of eighteen must receive consent while using the Internet and the Service.

7. Compliance of obligations and commitments – users must comply to not be using the Service for any unlawful purposes or any illegal use. Users must have the commitment to comply with relevant laws and regulations and all ROC international practice of Internet use. If the user is outside of the Republic of China, that user must agree to abide the laws and regulations of the country or region that the user is in. The user must agree to not use the Service for any interests or engagement in illegal acts of infringement, including but not limited to: (a) upload, post, publish or transmit any defamatory, abusive, threatening, offensive, indecent, obscene, false, contrary to public order or good customs or other lawless text, images or any form of archives on the Service; (b) infringement of reputation, privacy, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, patents, other intellectual property rights and other rights; (c) violation of the law or contractual confidentiality obligations incumbent upon it; (d) fraudulent use of the Service on self-behalf or behalf of others; (e) upload, post, transmit or distribute any material or any computer software that contains viruses, hardware interruptions, and has the intent to destroy or limit the functionality of the code data; (f) engage in wrongful acts or false transactions and exposing of crime information content; (g) trafficking in guns, drugs, doping, pirated software or other contraband; (h) providing gambling information or in any way to lure others to be involved in gambling; (i) spams, junk mails, chain letters, many MLM illegal messages, etc.; (j) harm minors in any way; (k) falsified information sources or interfere in any way to identify the source of the transmission; (l) interfere with or disrupt the Service, servers or networks linked to the Service, or disobeying to the relevant requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of the Service, etc., including but not limited to: the use of any equipment, software or deliberately circumvent the exclusion of ohgosip.com to manually/automatically search for the header (Robot Exclusion headers); (m) for terrorist acts and to provide any substantial support or resources; (n) tracking , disturbing, collecting or storing personal information of other users of the Service; (o) other inappropriate behaviour deemed by the Service based on reasonable grounds.

8. The Service may sometimes experience systems interruptions or failures that perhaps will cause inconvenience to the users such as having errors and loss of data, data being tampered with or other economic losses. Users of the Service are advice to take their own precautions towards their data as the Service is not liable for damages caused during their usage, in additions to intent or gross negligence.

9. With respect to the use and storage of general measures that the user have agreed on the Service, including, but not limited to, the Service will retain e-mail messages, bulletin board content or other uploaded content of the longest period allowed. The limit for sending and receiving emails (including file sharing) for an account are subjected to the availability provided by the Service in that particular country or region. If the Service experience failure in maintaining or transmitting information, the user agrees to not hold the Service responsible for any liability. The user must also understand that the Service has the right to shut down any inactive or abandoned accounts. The user also agrees that, the Service have the right in their sole discretion, whether informed or not, at any time to change these general practices and limits. The Service’s instant messaging feature (including any web-based version) will be available for users to communicate and store conversations on the server. The access for the account to view and search messaging history can be done on any computer linked to the Internet. Whether or not the user is engaged in this message-saving feature on the Service, other users may choose to use this feature in their own account to store message dialogues. Users agreeing to the terms of service meant that the user allows the Service to store all the communicative content on their servers.

10. Information or advice (including but not limited to, business, investment banking, medical, legal, etc.) displayed on the Service or through links to other third party sites does not guarantee its authenticity. The Service reserves the right to modify or delete any information or advice on Giga Circle. Before the user makes any decisions to display new information, professional advice should be consulted for the current situation to fit the user’s individual needs. The Service is constantly providing content including articles, messages, pictures, and etc. via other companies, manufacturers and other third person ("content providers") cooperation. Users providing content must be based on the respect of intellectual property rights, and therefore the Service does not perform any modifications or clarification on its authenticity for these content offerings by the users. Users should make their own judgement on the authenticity of the content. If the user is suspicious of any infringement or untrue content, please do follow the advices of these content providers to address the issue.

11. All the ads the users are exposed to on the Service, ads such as ad content, text and pictures of notes, showing samples or other sales information for these product and services are presented as designed by each of the advertisers. Users’ discretion and judgement is advised on the correctness and credibility of that ad. The Service only accepts commissions for the ads to be published, and thus does not burden the aforementioned advertising liabilities.

12. Disclaimer – The user expressly understand and agree that: The Service and its software does not provide any warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to, merchantability, suitability for a particular purpose and non-infringement intentions. Foundations include providing use of the Services and Software Corneille and its status quo. The user shall bear the associated risks when using the Service and its software. The Service does not guarantee the following: (i) The Service and its software will meet the user’s requirements for usage, (ii) the Service will provide uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free software and system, (iii) the information obtained from the Service is completely correct and reliable, (iv) any product, service, information or other materials will meet the user’s expectations when it is purchased or obtained through the Service and its software, and (v) any error will be corrected in the software. Using the Service and its software to download or obtain any information should be at the user’s own discretion and risk. In the situation whereby any information that is downloaded causes damage the user’s computer system, network access, and data loss on the equipment, and the user’s decision is to make requests for the Service to take any legal actions, the user shall bear full responsibility of the situation and outcome. The information of the Service obtained via its site or by the user’s own advice, whether in writing or orally, does not constitute a guarantee of the terms of the Service or its software. The user must expressly understand and agree to the Service and its subsidiaries, affiliates, managers, servants, agents, partners and licensors, that is direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, punitive causes damages to the user (possibility of such damages and even if it had been warned by the Service likewise), including, but not limited to, the following terms because profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible impairment loss is possible: (i) ability or inability to use the Service, (ii) replace the purchase cost of goods and service from the Service, (iii) modification or unauthorized access to your transmissions or data, (iv) any third party behaviours on the Service or (v) any other person related to the Service. The exclusion of liability for a specific guaranteed term and for incidental or consequential damages are not allowed due to part jurisdictions. In this situation, the foregoing limitations of this section do not apply to the user.

13. Members Conduct - Information, data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, messages or other materials posted publicly or privately transmitted by a member (hereinafter referred to as "Member Content"), bares full responsibility by the user.

14. Protection of intellectual property rights - All content on ohgosip.com (including but not limited to books, arranged pictures, files, information, data, site architecture, web pages, web design and more by ohgosip.com or other rights holders) have their intellectual property rights in accordance with local law. This includes trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets and proprietary technology. No external personal may modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, publicly transport, publicly perform, convert, distribute, issue, publish, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble any content without having proper official consent. Any who wish to quote or reprint the preceding software, program or website content (Except when expressly permitted by law) must obtain the prior written consent of ohgosip.com. Respect for intellectual property is your obligation, if violated; you meet ohgosip.com to bear liability for damages. ohgosip.com and its affiliated companies will use commodity-related service or service name, design, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "ohgosip.com trademark") for marketing to publicize its services according to their registration or use of the state by the trademark law and fair trade Protection Act. Without the prior written consent ohgosip.com, you agree not in any way use ohgosip.com trademark.

15. ohgosip.com may authorize you and /or your authorised personnel if you have no legal right to use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, revise, distribute, publish, published some information, and the right to sublicense the foregoing third party that do not include authorization, transmit, or provide input to ohgosip.com. Uploads transmission or input of any information on or to ohgosip.com retain their rights still to you or your authorized person. however, once any information you upload, transmit, or provide input to ohgosip.com, you will agree to: (1) Storage and management of the information by ohgosip.com and its affiliated companies to include your content in search tools for indexing and crawling or public publishing to related systems on the Internet and including but not limited for ohgosip.com and its affiliated companies to use for/on the alliance or cooperation of a third party website; (2) authorize ohgosip.com and its affiliated companies the freedom to use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, convert, distribute , issue, published, public transport, public exhibition, the translation of such information, and in this context, have the right to sublicense the foregoing others. You ensure ohgosip.com its affiliates to use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, revise, distribute, publish, publicly, openly transmission, public exhibition, translate, sublicense such information will not infringe any third party's intellectual property rights and will otherwise hold negative response to ohgosip.com and its affiliated companies liability for damages (including, but not limited to, litigation costs and attorneys' fees, etc.).

16. The notification as required by law or other regulations for ohgosip.com to include, but are not limited to: e-mail, regular mail, SMS, MMS, text message, posted on the Service's website, or other present or future reasonable way to notify you (including changes in the terms of service). However, if you violate the terms of service in an unauthorized manner to access this service, you will not receive the aforementioned notification. When you access the Service via an authorized manner, and agree to the Terms of Service, you agree that any and all of whom ohgosip.com as you notice, are deemed worthy to be served.

17. Copyright Infringement - ohgosip.com respect the copyright of others and requires our users to respect the copyright of others the same, you understand and agree that we will be based on "ohgosip.com copyright protection policy" to protect copyright and copyright infringement matters processing. If you think ohgosip.com site for any web content or users use ohgosip.com service has infringed your copyright, please read "ohgosip.com copyright protection policy"and "copyright infringement notice," and please follow the instruction contained in the notice, and provide relevant information and statement sent after the signature or seal to ohgosip.com. Note that if you use this service above three times to infringe those circumstances, ohgosip.com will terminate all or part of your service. If you are involved in severe circumstances of infringement, ohgosip.com will suspend or terminate all or part of your service.

18. Compensation via this because of your service provider, post or transmit "Member Content", to use the service, the connection with the Service in violation of terms of service, or any rights against others derived or cause any third person requests or claims When you agree to make ohgosip.com its subsidiaries, affiliates, managers, agents, servants, partners and licensors from any damage. Since you via the "service" provided, posted or transmitted by the "Service", you use the "service" you and the "Services" link, you violate the terms of service, or your violation of any other person arising therefore or lead to a claim or request any third party, including reasonable attorneys' fees, you agree to indemnify ohgosip.com its subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, agents, vendors or other partners and joint staff, and make it from damage.

19. Not for Commercial Use - You agree not to take any part of the Service or the Service (including: members content, advertising, software and ohgosip.com account number, etc.) to use or access, reproduce, copy, sell, trade, resell or for any commercial purpose.

20. Changes to the Service - ohgosip.com reserve the rights (at any point in time without notice) to modify or discontinue temporarily/ permanently to provide service (or any part thereof) rights. You agree ohgosip.com any liability for yours or any third party for any modification, suspension or cease to continue to provide this service live.

21. Bonus and CTR – the Service will use the articles that was published and give the user rewards based on its ‘click through rate’. The user shall agree to all the provisions and the method of calculation preferred by the Service and the reward shall not be allowed to reimburse for the user’s legal liability or responsibility. The user have to agree that the Service has the right to modify, add or remove any bonus system without any prior notice based on any reasoning. If the user violates any of the terms or provisions, the Service has the right to modify, add or remove CTR bonuses in the user’s account. The user agrees to not use any unfair practices, including programming robotics, framework pages, or any unnatural and unethical methods to increase the traffic towards the user’s published articles or other CTR publications. If such behaviour is observed, the Service has the right to request the bonuses as compensations to the company and all of the user’s bonuses and privileges will be stripped off. Unpaid bonuses in the form of data under the user’s account is not cash equivalent as the data is there for statistical intentions and not to be referenced as the value of any monetary form. The Service shall release the cumulative bonus of the previous months at the end of each month, and the user is to agree the acceptance of a delayed or early payment. The user shall also agree that, when the Service encounters any possible situation to not be able to provide bonuses, the Service should not be incurred with any liabilities. The user agrees that the Service has the right to develop and change the bonuses’ conditions, manner, and publication of information, time and standards on the site.

22. Termination – the user agrees that the Service may in its judgment, for any reason, including but not limited to, a certain period of unused account and given a court or government order, to terminate or to change the terms of usage of the Service for technical or safety considerations. If the user is found guilty in fraud or illegal acts, the Service will deem the user as having violated the Terms of Service expressively and will terminate or restrict the user’s account (or any part thereof) and the use of the Service, along with every “Member Content” to be removed and deleted within the Service. The user agrees to the Service in their sole discretion, with or without notice, at any given time to terminate or restrict the usage of the Service or part thereof. The user acknowledges and agrees that after the account is terminated or usage limited, the Service will remove or restrict access towards the user’s account number, all or part of the relevant information and archives and the Service to stop all or part of its services and products provided. In addition to the termination, the Service and any third party is not held responsible for the loss and have the right to not grant any relayed earnings beneath the user’s account.

23. General Terms - Terms of Service constitutes the user’s complete understanding towards the use of the Service. If the user is affiliated with Giga Circle’s E-mail services, the user should still agree to the Terms of Service as previously with the Service and thus the terms are not replaced. However, if the user purchases and use certain services from the Service, relations business services, other third party contents or software, additional terms and conditions shall be applied accordingly. Interpretation and application of the terms of service, as well as disputes relating to the terms of service, unless otherwise provided by law, shall be handled in accordance with ROC law, and Taiwan Taipei District Court as first instance court of competent jurisdiction. The Service exercises and enforces any right or provision to the Service, and the former does not constitute an open right or provision of abstention. If any provision of this Terms of Service is found to be invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, all the parties still have to agree that the court should endeavour to make a decision based on the best intentions for the parties as expressed in the provisions to take effect, and other provisions of the Terms of Service shall remain in full force. The user agrees that the Service and its system applies the rule of non-transferable account and any rights to the user’s account and Member’s Content on the Service will be terminated immediately upon the user’s death. When the death certificate is presented to the Service and a receipt is received, the deceased user’s account will be terminated and all of its content will be permanently obliterated. Titled terms of this service is only for the sake of convenience, and shall not have any legal or contractual effect. If any violation of these Terms of Service is seen or witnessed, please contact the Service immediately.