To support the protection of personal data, in order to maintain online privacy, honor with the following statement,

Foreign explain collect users' personal information on this site online, scope, use methods, and query or correct way and other matters. 

If you have this privacy statement, or have any questions related to matters of personal data. Welcome to contact the site. 

Collect personal information policy in general user enters this site; you do not need to enter personal data. not without the user's knowledge, to obtain the user of such personal information. time will be recorded on the subscriber line, IP address, and event information and other information in the station, but these data only for network traffic analysis and conduct surveys in order to improve the quality of related services, such information only on the analysis of the total, and specific individuals not connected system. 

When the user selects to join members, we will ask you to fill out basic personal information, including name, date of birth, e-mail, phone, address and other contact information in order to contact and users, provide services or complete transactions.

Use and transmission of personal data imposed in conformity with this Privacy Policy for the use of outside, not in a situation where without your consent sell or provide your personal information to anyone. 

You must agree to the following circumstances outside use or disclose your personal information: 

If you are in violation of terms of service, or may damage interests, or your behavior has led anyone to suffer damage, disclose your personal information in order to identify, contact or take legal actions which are necessary.

Prosecutors and police units or other tune or the right to judicial organs according to law or the public interest require provide certain personal information by law or by based on public interest considerations to be with those. 
In order to fulfill legal obligations or other lawfully obtained for a third person to expose the situation. 

To protect user privacy, we cannot query other users' account information for you, please forgive me! If you have relevant information on legal issues need to consult others, be sure to tell police units proposed, we will fully cooperate with the police unit to investigate and provide all relevant information to assist the investigation. 

Link this site or web page may contain links to other sites or pages, for these are not the site or page, regardless of its content or privacy policies on, has nothing to do with 

Modify and delete personal information when you register as a member at, in addition to prohibiting alteration of the information system, you can always make use of your membership account number and password to change the information you previously provided to ensure its correctness. 

You acknowledge and understand that you can modify the data does not include your past record at the site of the service content. 

You acknowledge and agree in Member Account deleted, your personal information will be retained for at least 12 months to prepare for verification purposes related disputes. 

To avoid others when the account deleted, re-register the same identity confusion troubled member account generated, these accounts do not provide follow-up will remain registered for use. 

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Most of this type of technology is used to provide you with the appropriate regional ads (such as real estate ads to users Kaohsiung Kaohsiung), or according to your preferences to provide relevant ads (if you often see travel website, you may often see to with tourism-related advertising). 

You can choose to reject from your browser settings to allow cookies or only certain sites. 

You can also make these set by your anti-virus software in. We do not accept the cookie will not affect your browsing experience of this site. 

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